Blog - a - Holic!

These past few days, after i created this blog, I'm having a hard-time
sleeping.  I think It's because, when I start to close my eyes, my mind
bursts with ideas. Mind you, its not just one, but as many as I could ever imagine.
I can't help but think of writing it immediately because I'm afraid that
I might forget everything the next day I wake up. Is this a syndrome or
something?  Or maybe I'm a Blog - a - holic?  Is there a word something
like that?

Do you experience the same thing or It's just me alone?  My wife will surely
get mad at me if she notices that I created this topic at 3 o'clock in the
morning.  Oh well!  What should I do?  She taught me how to blog, so now here
I am!  Writing and I keep on thinking if a particular idea is possible topic.

I'm now a BLOGGER! Yiha! (But not a proffesional one!haha)


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